St. Patrick's

Misa de Gallo, a series of nine masses leading up to Christmas, is a Catholic tradition which originated in the Philippines and gives the faithful an opportunity for spiritual preparation for Christmas. Traditionally it is celebrated early in the morning, to allow workers such as farmers to attend before the crack of dawn. Here at St. Patrick’s, Masses are held in the evening, so that parishioners (Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike) may attend after work. 

The Misa de Gallo Masses are being celebrated in our parish from December 15th – 23rd at 7:00 pm Monday to Friday (Mon. Dec. 17th in Tagalog), and 4:30 pm on Saturday and 5:00 pm on Sunday. 

Come and join us to better prepare for Christmas!

Saturday, December 15 (4:30 pm)                    Rev. James Hughes

Sunday, December 16 (5:00 pm)                       Rev. Amador Abundo

Monday, December 17 (7:00 pm) in Tagalog      Rev. Gilbert Nunez

Tuesday, December 18 (7:00 pm)                            Rev. James Kairu

Wednesday, December 19 (7:00 pm)                     Rev. Guy Zidago

Thursday, December 20 (7:00 pm)                          Rev. Anthony Ho

Friday, December 21 (7:00 pm)                                Rev. Nick Meisl

Saturday, December 22 (4:30 pm)                    Rev. Pablo Santa Maria

Sunday, December 23 (5:00 pm)                       Rev. Archbishop Miller, CSB