Ask Him Anything

Is there anything you’ve always wanted to ask a priest but just never knew when -or how- to ask? Favourite LOTR character? What is discernment? Go ahead, ask him anything!

Priests may seem like a mystery to many of us; they are probably some of the most misunderstood members of our society!

If you have a burning question that you have always wondered about, now’s your chance. Since you may already frequent the many great coffee shops in the neighbourhood, why not mix things up a bit one day and meet the priest for coffee?

Maybe you’re new in town and just wanted to get to know what the community is like. Or perhaps you’re wondering about God or prayer or you’re looking for some direction spiritually. Either way, we’ve got your guy! Our coffee-loving local priests are super approachable and are looking forward to meeting you too. This is a perfect opportunity for you to connect with our pastor in a casual environment.

Fr. James Hughes, pastor
604-874-7818 ext 111
E: [email protected]