St. Patrick's

About St. Patrick's

Father J.W.F. McCullough, OMI, oversaw the building of the first Saint Patrick’s Church in 1910. One year later, St. Patrick Catholic Church officially opened its doors to serve the growing number of Catholic families -- mainly Irish immigrants -- who arrived in the city in the early part of the 20th century. Today, St. Patrick’s is one of Vancouver’s best known and well loved parish communities.

Our community has been incredibly blessed to be under the pastoral care of wonderful priests and religious communities, including Fr. Louis Forget, who served our community for 43 years. Fr. Forget left an indelible mark in our parish history. His tireless work for his congregation led to the establishment of an elementary school, a secondary school, and a high school. In the 1930s, the Sisters of St. Joseph from Toronto helped our schools achieve even greater academic excellence.

By the grace of the Holy Spirit, our parish community continued to grow. In 2000, under Fr. Don Larson’s leadership, ground was broken for a new church building. Saint Patrick’s Church, as we know it today, was completed and dedicated in 2002. The Recreation Centre was added the following year.

Today, 100 years after the first cornerstone was laid, St. Patrick’s continues to grow and thrive with a vibrant community of parishioners from nearly 40 different countries! The strong Filipino presence  is visible in the many prayer and service groups serving the Church and the local community.

The St. Patrick’s Recreation Center hosts many sports activities for school and intramural events, and the spacious meeting facilities provide much needed space for religious and social gatherings. On Saturday mornings, through JJ’s Cafe, we also tend to the needs of our neighbourhood by providing a healthy and tasty meal for the homeless and the hungry.

St. Patrick’s is a community that strives to love one another. We want to be a community known by our love.