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Would you like to share the word of God at Mass?

The Word of God is an essential component of the liturgy and, with acceptance of the pastor, certain lay volunteers may be permitted to proclaim the first and second readings at Mass. Potential readers must be practicing Catholics who have been confirmed and they must demonstrate spiritual maturity as they become the voice of the Spirit when performing their function at Mass. St. Patrick’s Parish encourages Catholics who have at least received their Sacrament of Confirmation to participate in this ministry as readers to help communicate the Word of God to the entire worshiping community and the Archdiocesan Guidelines for Readers call for a broad sharing of this ministry among parishioners.

Before taking part in this ministry, proper instruction and formation is required according to the Archdiocesan Guidelines. Formation and instruction may include training in public speaking and basic theology. Readers are required for all Masses at St. Patrick’s and, on Sundays, readers will also announce the General Intercessions

If you’ve prayerfully considered and would like to share your talent for reading with the community at St. Patrick’s, contact Ria Sotong to ask about being formed as a Reader. Proclaim the word of God to His people!