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Music / Choir 

Would you like to share your musical gift with the parish community?

As part of the effort to make every Sunday matter, Archbishop Miller has made it an archdiocesan objective to foster truly beautiful music in parishes because beautiful music makes it easier to pray and to encounter God at Mass. St. Patrick’s therefore invites members of its choirs to enhance liturgical celebrations by leading the music ministry at Sunday Masses through hymns and songs that ensure the “full, conscious, and active participation” of the faithful. St. Patrick’s has a long history of participation from gifted choirs that have been noted for “giving delightful services”[1]

The choirs of St. Patrick’s participate at the 4:30pm Mass of Anticipation on Saturday evenings and the 7:00 am, 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 5:00 pm Masses on Sunday. If you’ve prayerfully considered and feel that you may be called to exercise your talents to lead the congregation in musical worship, connect with the leader of the choir that suits your particular genre:

4:30 pm Saturday Evening Choir (hymns performed by senior choir with organ, guitar and flute): Gladys Villanueva 
 7:00 am Sunday Choir (modern hymns performed by small choir with acoustic guitar accompaniment): Edwin Rigor
 9:00 am Sunday Choir (Church hymns performed by multi-instrument choir composed of people of varying ages and ethnicities) : Mae Chung 
 11:00 am Sunday Choir (Church hymns accompanied by piano, guitar, flute and djembe): Niall and Bernadette McGrath 
 5:00 pm Sunday Evening Choir: Michelle Tenorio 

Help enhance the liturgical celebrations at St. Patrick’s by contributing your musical gifts to a choir at Sunday Mass! As St. Augustine says, "to sing is to pray twice"!